Olfactory enchantment

essential oil scent - no synthetics

Australian Sandalwood Soap

4.5 oz bar

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Olfactory enchantment

"Tie me kangaroo down, Sport!"

Rolf Harris, Sydney


Ambrosial Aroma

Perfumers and aromatherapists describe the scent of sandalwood as warm, woody, rich, earthy, sensual, exotic, slightly musky, sweet, and spicy.

Not the Endangered Species

Australian sandalwood, Santalum spicatum, gives this bar its distinctive, potent, and pleasant smell, comparable to the endangered Santalum album, Indian sandalwood. 

Just in the last 20 years, Australia has grown enough sandalwood to now make this essential oil affordable.


No Dubious Ingredients

If you've used a sandalwood soap before, the fragrance was likely synthetic. We never use artificial fragrances, detergents, colorants, or preservatives in anything we make. 

Good for Skin

The Australian Sandalwood bar contains added shea butter to moisturize your skin. Bay laurel leaves give the bar a light brown umber color. 

For Long-Time Fans

For years we made a bar with muhuhu, called African sandalwood, but that essential oil has become prohibitively expensive. We think you'll be even happier with this bar.

"Sandalwood evokes fond memories. My father gave me a chess set carved of sandalwood sixty years ago. It still smells amazing after all these years."

Ken Gilberg, Kirkwood, MO

"It is such a pity that one cannot buy them in Europe, though. The people here should see what a good soap is. They spend a lot of money on silly big 'natural Provençe' names when it comes to beauty products."

Ayse Ozler, Mechelen, Belgium



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