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We Love Lavender

Described as floral, sweet, herbal, woody, green, and fresh, forever favorite lavender tops the list of our most-used essential oil. It compliments many other scents. What's more, the essential oil can benefit the skin in numerous ways. 

Floral Scents

Most natural floral scents are extremely costly, laboriously extracted from the blossoms of roses, lilacs, and such. Lavender oil permeates the entire lavender plant—leaves, stems, and flowers. It can be grown in fields, harvested, then steam distilled. Far more economical.

Lavender and Lavandin

Depending on the product, we use Lavandula angustifolia, known as true lavender or English lavender, or we use Lavandula x intermedia, known as lavandin. Our lavender essential oils come from France, Bulgaria, Spain, and the United States.

2oz, Balsam Fir & Juniper

We are proud to offer you the finest quality hand-poured candles, sure to bring warmth and coziness to any environment. Scents are pure and natural. We use only essential oils for these alluring aromas. Our proprietary, vegan blend of soy, coconut, and candelilla waxes ensure a clean and long-lasting burn. Braided cotton wicks support a steady flame.

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17 oz bar
Liquid detergents and most pump hand “soaps” dry skin out. Our solution: a fabulous utilitarian bar that moisturizes your skin no matter how often you wash your hands. Sink Side Kitchen Soap quickly removes grease, dirt and germs. It rinses off in a flash. The bar has a light, fresh, herbal scent from essential oils. Synthetic perfumes in most dishwashing liquids cling to your hands and can end up in your apple pie. Use Sink Side Kitchen Soap also to clean fruits and vegetables, like those apples for the pie or a lemon before zesting.
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Four mini-bars, .8 oz each
Discover the scents you prefer of Citrus, Lavender, Rosemary Mint, and Tea Tree. Shampoo Cutie Bundles are available with packets of just 4 cuties, all of the Finer Formula Cuties or all of the Thicker Formula Cuties.

4.5 oz bar
Assorted soap shreds festoon this activated charcoal, deep-cleansing body bar. Essential oils of may chang and lavender give it a fresh, lemony scent. Shea butter makes the soap extra moisturizing.
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4.5 oz bar
Herbaria Shampoo Bars produce abundant creamy lather to gently but thoroughly cleanse your hair and leave it soft, shiny, and easy to manage. Our Shampoo bars are handmade with moisturizing, food-grade vegetable oils and rich emollients to keep your hair and scalp healthy.

6 and 12 pack, 10 ml bottles
Here are six to twelve of our most popular essential oils. These are the same pure essential oils we use to scent our soaps and other products. You'll find many enjoyable uses for these.
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10 ml, .5 oz, and 1 oz bottles
Because you asked, we now sell 45 of the same pure essential oils we use to scent our soaps and other products. They come in half-ounce and one-ounce amber glass bottles with screw caps. Select them from the dropdown list. Over the past dozen years, we have established reliable suppliers of quality oils from all over the world. Because we purchase in bulk, we can offer smaller quantities to you at a good price.
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9.5 oz bar
Terrazzo bars are a combination of scraps from any number of our varieties, glued with a cement of our soap. They are heated, tempered and compressed. The rounds hold firmly together and last a remarkably long time. These large bars, at least 7.5-ounces each, are grooved on the sides to grip the wet soap in the shower. Like all of our soaps, a Terrazzo bar will clean and moisturize your skin perfectly.
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