Melissa Gibbs' Favorites

Melissa Jo Gibbs

Biotherapy Black Luffa - "A good complexion soap already PLUS a gentle scrub? Sign me up." 

 - "I even travel with this. I can use it to instantly deodorize ANYTHING and use it as a wrinkle releaser for my clothes. A spray on a pillow knocks me out for the night."

Jojoba Oil - "I just need a dab on my elbows and legs after a shower to feel like my skin is supple all day long."

3 Bar Gift Sets - "This is the perfect gift for absolutely anyone you can think of since you can pick which soaps go in it."

Bath Bombs, especially Peppermint Rosemary - "Just try and be anything but content and happy after a bath with peppermint in it. For days after, your skin will feel as soft as it has ever felt. Don't have a tub? Kick it in the corner of the shower just to smell the essential oils."

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Select three bars you believe the person to receive your gift will appreciate most. It's surprisingly easy since all our soaps are scented only with essential oils, make a moisturizing creamy lather, and last many showers.

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