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Fundraising with Herbaria products can earn funds for your nonprofit. Once your customers have tried Herbaria, they’ll buy again in subsequent fundraisers.

Essential oils are all the rage. Folks have gotten wise to the value of these natural treasures.    

won’t choke the air with synthetic fragrance and aerosols.

Goodbye Headache is one of our best-loved products. It has helped many.

Burano Laundry Soap cleans clothes without detergent, fragrance and other additives. 

4 fl oz
Most air fresheners and linen sprays saturate a room with throat-choking smells from synthetic fragrance. These aerosols also employ chemical propellants such as propane and butane. Ambiente Room Freshener and Linen Spray uses wholesome essential oils with natural aromas to delight you. Leave the bathroom without embarrassment. Five delightful varieties.

2.5 oz, 1 lb, 5 lb
Like all Herbaria products, Burano is free of detergents, synthetic fragrances, dyes, enzymes and brighteners, any of which can remain in clothes and bedding. Those harsh additives often cause skin irritation or allergies. Talk about “free and clear”! Burano is simply our soap odds and ends shredded to dissolve quickly in water. It has the pleasant aroma of natural soap, light scented with essential oils. Use Burano to extend the life of your garments. You’ll notice clothes come out feeling softer. Instead of Woolite, wash delicates with Burano--sweaters, knits, jackets, comforters. It’s safe for washable wool, linen, cotton, silk and synthetic fabrics. It’s an unbeatable value. This one-pound package will launder about 32 loads of clothing in a high efficiency washer. In a top loader, you’ll use a little more. Just toss the flakes in with the clothes. Use Burano alone or combine it with baking soda, borax or washing soda for enhanced cleaning. These soap flakes have many uses beyond the laundry. Soak vegetables and fruits in a bowl of water with a few shreds of Burano. Wash rugs without fading their colors. Safely clean the children’s toys. Safe also for wood, leather, china. We could go on. All this and biodegradable, too.

These handcrafted ceramic soap dishes catch a wet bar on the fly, extend its life, and keep sinks tidy. The soap will air dry and stay firm. "They're...

5" pieces and whole luffas
Luffas (also spelled loofahs) have been used for bathing since the days of the pharaohs. Indeed, these whole luffas are grown in the Nile Delta of Egypt where they get enough sun to grow to mammoth size. They provide an invigorating, gentle scrub to exfoliate dead skin and leave it glowing. Luffas are the fibrous skeletons of fruits from a vegetable in the cucumber and gourd family. All luffas are not created equal. On the left is Luffa aegyptica, which is soft and gentle when wet. The luffa on the right is L. acutangula, hard and rough. Our luffas are unbleached. They are shipped to you dried and compressed. Soak one in water for a minute and it will expand. A whole luffa expands to 20-26” long. Cut it into pieces or use it whole. Many people mistakenly think luffas are sea creatures but they grow on a vine.
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Six bottles, 30 ml each

Here are six of our most popular essential oils. These are the same pure essential oils we use to scent our soaps and other products. You'll find many enjoyable uses for these.

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.5 fl oz, 1 fl oz bottles
Because you’ve asked, we now sell 45 of the same pure essential oils we use to scent our soaps and other products. They come in half-ounce and one-ounce amber glass bottles with screw caps. Select them from the dropdown list. Over the past dozen years, we have established reliable suppliers of quality oils from all over the world. Because we purchase in bulk, we can offer smaller quantities to you at a good price.
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.35 fl oz
Simply roll a bit of this minty oil on your forehead, temples and the back of your neck. Goodbye Headache® feels warm as you massage it in with your fingertips. Mints have long been used in aromatherapy for headaches, nausea and to refresh nasal sinuses. We chose cooling cornmint for its ability to clear your head almost immediately. Jojoba oil enables smooth, easy application and absorbs quickly into the skin. We’ve sold it in our store for over a year and it is quite popular. Customers tell us it works. We agree. We don’t recommend Goodbye Headache® for migraines because scents may worsen an episode.
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Four mini-bars, .8 oz each
Choose Shampoo Cutie Bundles to test whether you prefer the Finer or the Thicker formula. Also discover the scents you prefer of Citrus, Lavender, Rosemary Mint, and Tea Tree. Shampoo Cutie Bundles are available with all 8 of our shampoo bars. You may also purchase packets of just 4 cuties, all of the Finer Formula Cuties or all of the Thicker Formula Cuties.



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