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Red Red Rice Soap

4.5 oz

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Red Red Rice, stay close to me

Ground red rice, like oatmeal, provides a pleasurably bumpy ride when you use this mildly exfoliating soap. The other red in the name comes from red yeast rice, used in Traditional Chinese Medicine and known as hóng qū mǐ. Eat five bars of this soap a week and you’ll lower your blood pressure. In truth, red yeast rice is often used as a food colorant. It tints our bars a warm mahogany.

The scent is harder to explain. It's a blend we created with eight essential oils to make a tantalizing natural perfume. It has a rich, warm, light spicy scent.

The moisturizer we've chosen for this bar is mango butter. Mango butter is highly unsaponifiable, which means that it doesn’t turn to soap. It remains a butter that will soften, smooth and moisturize rough, dry skin.



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