Unique scent and scrub

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Red Red Rice Soap

4.5 oz bar

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Unique scent and scrub

"Your soaps are the only kind I'll use."

Tracey Grzegorczyk, St. Louis, MO



This scent was developed as a natural perfume, quite complex, but we haven't gotten around to making perfumes yet. The scent was so good, we had to make a new variety. 

Essential Oils

Eight essential oils make up this tantalizing aroma—rich, warm, somewhat spicy. The scent is sweet yet clean. 

Red Rice

Finely ground red rice provides a nice feeling, a pleasurably bumpy ride, as you bathe with this mildly exfoliating soap.

Red Yeast Rice

The other "red" in the name Red Red Rice comes from red yeast rice, used in Traditional Chinese Medicine and known as hóng qū mǐ, sold in the U.S. as an herbal supplement.

red yeast rice

Commonly used as a food colorant, red yeast rice tints Red Red Rice pale mahogany.

Mango Moisturizer 

Mango butter is highly unsaponifiable, which means that it doesn't turn to soap. It remains a butter that will soften, smooth, and moisturize rough, dry skin.



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