Sweet Birch Soaps

Sweet birch essential oil is distilled from the bark of Betula lenta. Common names include sweet birch, black birch, cherry birch, mahogany birch, and spice birch. Its root beer scent is what most people recognize immediately but sniff again and you'll smell mint. Indeed, sweet birch is a source of wintergreen.

4.5 oz bar
The root beer scent, also associated with birch beer and sarsaparilla, comes from essential oil of white birch. The hint of wintergreen is also from birch. Ground sassafras root and bark is added to the bar to lightly exfoliate the skin. The sassafras also makes the bar a lovely purple shade. Like all Herbaria soaps, Sassafras Birch is first and foremost a great soap with terrific lather and moisturizing hemp seed oil.
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