You'll enjoy this bar at home, too.

essential oils • moisturizing jojoba oil

Traveler's Choice With Case

4.5 oz bar

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You'll enjoy this bar at home, too.

Men and women love Traveler's Choice Shampoo as a luscious shampoo, a gentle face and body soap, and a silky shave soap.

As a shampoo, Traveler’s Choice lathers copiously and leaves any kind of hair easy to manage. It contains no detergents, phthalates or synthetic fragrances, so common in other shampoos. The light scent comes from essential oils of rosemary and petitgrain, which also benefit hair and scalp. Jojoba oil makes hair lustrous. These ingredients are kind to your complexion and clean your skin without drying it out.

You'll find Traveler's Choice slick and sudsy for a smooth shave without irritation.

The Traveler's Choice kit contains our Traveler's Choice bar along with a Stow 'n Go Soap Case. The lightweight clamshell is remarkably durable. It is vented so that bars dry between uses. Shake out any water from the case before putting a wet bar away.

“On a recent trip to Italy, we also used your all-in-one bar for our laundry. Loved it for shaving!”

Jimmy Sansone, Mt. Vernon, NY

“Thank you as always!!! I 'rent' my house from the bank, my car from my mechanic, my body from my massage therapist, and my hair from my hairdresser and YOU!!! Your Traveler's Choice bar IS my everyday shampoo!!! All the commercial shampoos I've tried (in the last 55 years) have stripped my hair way too strongly, leaving it broken and weak. Your shampoo bar cleans and replenishes, leaving my hair stronger and healthier every time!!! Thank you SO much!!!!”

Patrick Murray Santa Barbara, CA


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