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Almond Aloe

4.5 oz bar

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"I love the scent and the way my skin feels after a shower."

Andrea P., Wildwood, MO


Inspired by Orgeat

The aroma of Almond Aloe is soft and sweet, nutty and floral—a tantalizing blend of almond, orange, rosemary, and vanilla. The inspiration for the scent came from orgeat (pronounced or-zhat), an almond syrup used in classic cocktails such as the Mai Tai. Cheers!

Extra Moisturizers

Above and beyond our moisturizing base, nourishing sweet almond oil and aloe vera pamper skin from head to toe. You'll adore the silky lather. 

Extra Fine Clay

A natural, gentle exfoliant, micronized Rhassoul clay, removes oils and impurities from your skin.

First full batch of Almond Aloe on Blake's right.


"I've tried other soaps. They don't stack up to Herbaria. I believe it is the love and energy that comes from something hand-made that makes Herbaria soaps so wonderful. They are top-notch quality. Thank you."

Kathy Kohler-Schwartz, St. Louis, MO

"Just the best soap on the market. At 62, my massage therapist does not believe how my skin is so healthy and soft. I told her my secret—it is your soap. I truly believe that. Thanks."

David Qualkinbush, North Ridgeville, OH



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