Treat your hands with kindness

moisturizing • essential oils

Serenissima All-Natural Hand Spray

4 fl oz

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Treat your hands with kindness

We think you​'​ll be delighted with our new hand spray, ​​Serenissimaa bona fide Herbaria product in that it's all-natural​ and​ scented only with essential oils. 

We take 80% grain alcohol and add a unique blend of essential oils, a mixture based on a 15th-century ​herbal recipe believed to protect ​folks from the plague. We're not saying Serenissima will stave off the Black Death, but it smells superb from clove, lemon, cinnamon, eucalyptus, and rosemary. The essential oils​,​ ​along with moisturizing glycerin, leave hands feeling silky, not dry​. 

We cannot ​​call this a hand ​"​sanitizer​"​ even though Serenissima contains, as ​the CDC specifies,80% alcohol​. ​The ​​CDC also calls for hydrogen peroxide​,​​ but that is not a natural product. ​The CDC ​allows no​ other ingredients​ besides glycerin and water​.​ 

​One last bit of technical information​. We utilize the same natural grain alcohol we use in our Deodorants, denatured (made unfit for human consumption) with lavender essential oil. The CDC specifies denatured alcohol for use in a sanitizer, but there are dozens of chemicals added to make alcohol foul-tasting and often toxic. We're going with the lavender, known and trusted for centuries.  

How to Use

Wet one hand completely​,​ front and back—about ten sprays. Rub your hands together, covering all surfaces for 20 seconds.