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Camper's Choice With Case

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Pack it for outdoor adventures

Does the scent of your soap attract bugs? This bar contains 8 essential oils known to repel insects. You’ll love the scent. Like all of our soaps, it’s moisturizing, luxuriously lathering and long-lasting.

The Camper's Choice kit contains our Camper's Choice bar along with a Stow 'n Go Soap Case. The lightweight clamshell is remarkably durable. It is vented so that bars dry between uses. Shake out any water from the case before putting a wet bar away.

Camper's Choice meets the requirements for minimum risk pesticides exempted from FIFRA regulations (Federal Insecticide, Fungicide, and Rodenticide Act), under the United States Environmental Protection Agency. We're not happy this natural soap must be classified as a pesticide. "Cide” implies killing and this is harmless.

“My husband and I recently went to the Dominican Republic for holiday and we took your citronella soap and citronella mist spray. I can not say enough good things about both products! We used them religiously the entire time and I have two bites..that's it! Everyone around us was eaten up with bites! Can't thank you enough!”

Erin Rhoden, Arlington, TN

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“I’m an avid mushroom hunter. When I go into the woods, I’ll shower, shampoo and shave with Camper’s Choice and then use the Citronella Mist for my deodorant. Works for me!”

Ken Gilberg, St. Louis, MO


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