Pack it for outdoor adventures

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Camper's Choice With Case

4.5 oz bar

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Pack it for outdoor adventures

Does the scent of your soap attract bugs? This bar contains 8 essential oils known to repel insects. You’ll love the scent. Like all of our soaps, it’s moisturizing, luxuriously lathering and long-lasting.

The Camper's Choice kit contains our Camper's Choice bar along with a Stow 'n Go Soap Case. The lightweight clamshell is remarkably durable. It is vented so that bars dry between uses. Shake out any water from the case before putting a wet bar away.

“My husband and I recently went to the Dominican Republic for holiday and we took your citronella soap and citronella mist spray. I can not say enough good things about both products! We used them religiously the entire time and I have two bites..that's it! Everyone around us was eaten up with bites! Can't thank you enough!”

Erin Rhoden, Arlington, TN

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“I’m an avid mushroom hunter. When I go into the woods, I’ll shower, shampoo and shave with Camper’s Choice and then use the Citronella Mist for my deodorant. Works for me!”

Ken Gilberg, St. Louis, MO


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