For dog lovers and their best friends

kind to a dog's sensitive skin

Soapy's Pooch Pack

Soapy's Choice Dog Shampoo, Soapy's Apres le Bain, Stow 'n Go Case, Wags in a Bag vegan dog treat

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For dog lovers and their best friends

"This soap has been perfect for our greyhound. Greyhounds have naturally thin skin, which can cause problems with dry skin, and absorbing chemicals. I've used liquid dog shampoos, but this bar is so easy to use with a squirmy ex-racer!"

Laura Donze Luebke


Soapy's Pooch Pack

What's in It?

Soapy's Pooch Pack contains Soapy's Choice Dog ShampooSoapy's Apres le Bain, a Stow 'n Go Soap Case, and a special treat for the good boy or girl.

Better for Skin and Coat

The shampoo is kind to a dog's sensitive skin because it's just like our people soaps, detergent-free and fragrance-free. Smells great from essential oils. The Stow 'n Go Case will hold the bar until the next use. Soapy's Apres le Bain is an essential oil-scented moisturizer to spray on a dog's fur.

Wags in a Bag treat

Special Treat

The all-natural, vegan dog treat included is from Wags in a Bag. Soapy gives her paw of approval. We appreciate the good work this not-for-profit does to support the Center for Head Injury Services. Ingredients: whole wheat flour, rolled oats, unsweetened applesauce, carrots, water, canola oil, honey, cinnamon. 

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