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How can we claim our products to be “fragrance-free” when nearly everything from Herbaria is unquestionably scented? “Fragrance-free” means we never put synthetic fragrance oils in any of our products.

“Fragrance” is a catch-all word

Check the ingredients in your store-bought soap and skincare products. Most likely, you’ll see the word “fragrance.”

That single word can stand for hundreds of potentially harmful chemicals. “Fragrance” is a catch-all word that conceals the actual ingredients. “Fragrance” is the number one skin irritant, according to the Academy of Dermatologists, and listed among the top five allergens.

Even products labeled "scent free" can use ingredients that mask smells.  

Contrast those artificial fragrances with our natural essential oils. Essential oils are made from plants, usually steam distilled from fields of lavender, peppermint, patchouli and other safe, cherished herbs. They are more costly than fragrance oils but they are genuine and have been valued for centuries. Many have aromatherapeutic benefits.

Often, customers tell us that their skin couldn’t tolerate scented soaps, yet they had no adverse reaction to any of our varieties.

Our sense of smell is a wonderful gift. Enjoy it.

For more information, see our FAQs or watch our video, The Benefits of Essential Oils


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