Sublime aroma

neroli hydrosol and essential oils

Neroli Body Mist & Deodorant

4 oz

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Sublime aroma


Soulful Scent

Neroli Body Mist & Deodorant smells light, fresh, and fruity, with rich undertones from resiny myrrh and peppery katrafay, both precious essential oils. 


The mist's fragrance also derives from neroli hydrosol, a "flower water" distilled from fresh orange blossoms. Heavenly!

Gentle and Moisturizing

Because armpits are tender anatomical areas, we scrupulously choose the ingredients used in all of our Deodorants. We take advantage of grain alcohol to fight bacteria, eschewing synthetically produced alcohol. Aloe vera is added to moisturize delicate skin. 

orange blossom

Orange flowers emanate a heavenly scent.

"Smells nice and works as a deodorant."

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