A monolithic soap for all reasons

kind to skin • cuts grease

Sink Side Soap Blocks

17 oz bar
Lightly Scented or Unscented

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A monolithic soap for all reasons

”Sink soap ranks high on my list of kitchen essentials. It has a clean smell that doesn't linger & you can use it on practically everything.”

Dawn Baggett from our Facebook page


Convenient, Ecological, and Skin-Friendly

Rub the Sink Side Soap Block with your fingers to wash your hands or wipe it with a kitchen sponge, luffa, or scrub brush to clean most anything—counters, dishes, glasses, pots, and pans. Sink Side Soap Block quickly removes grease, dirt, and germs. It rinses off in a flash and won't leave a scent like most liquid detergents. This block measures roughly 3.5" (L) x 2.5" (W) x 3.5" (H).



Natural Choice

Use the Block to clean fruits and vegetables, like apples for the pie or lemons before zesting. You don’t even have to pump.

Not Drying Detergent

Liquid synthetic detergents and liquid hand “soaps” dry skin out. We put “soap” in quotation marks because most are detergent manufactured with petroleum.

No Synthetic Fragrance

Liquid soaps usually contain synthetic fragrance, the number one skin irritant, according to dermatologists. The manufacturers have expertly created scents that seem to be clean-scented. Don't be fooled.

Unscented Ingredients

Lightly Scented Ingredients


washing hands at kitchen sink

“Thanks for helping my rough hands. I cook a lot and wash my hands constantly. With your soap, I don’t worry about my skin anymore.”

Mary Stewart, Philadelphia, PA

Soap Holder

You'll want your soap to dry out between uses. It shouldn't sit in a puddle. You may need a soap dish or at least a soap lift to keep it high and dry. 

 A pad beneath keeps things neat.

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