Sustained satisfaction

a year of pure pleasure

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Twelve 4.5 oz bars
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Sustained satisfaction

“I can't wait to try new fragrances. I've shared the soaps with my family and they are all very grateful."

Jennifer Hertel, Kenosha, WI


A Year of Good Soap

Imagine the delight to receive a fragrant bar of Herbaria soap in your mailbox. Multiply that delight by twelve, as another variety arrives every month for a year. 365 days of bathing pleasure!

Herbaria Stow 'n Go Soap Dish

The first bar comes with our Stow'n Go soap dish.

Two Free Bars 

The price covers postage and ten bars and includes the discount of two free bars per our free bar offer.

Standard or Custom

Choose Soap of the Month standard varieties or choose which bars to send each month.

Standard Delivery Schedule
Month 1 – Meteor Showers 
Month 2 – Vanilla
Month 3 – French Lavender
Month 4 – Rose Geranium
Month 5 – May Chang
Month 6 – Peppermint
Month 7 – Citrus Oatmeal
Month 8 – Eucalyptus Mint
Month 9 – Biotherapy Skincare
Month 10 – Spearmint Orange
Month 11 – Island Spice
Month 12 – Lavender Oatmeal

The first bar ships right away; subsequent bars ship on the first of each month. We use the United States Postal Service.

If you have any special requests, don't hesitate to contact us.

Domestic delivery only. No international orders. Price includes earned free bars & shipping.