Think the best dog shampoo is liquid? Think again.

kind to a dog's sensitive skin

Soapy's Choice Dog Shampoo

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Think the best dog shampoo is liquid? Think again.

Soapy’s Choice will leave your pup clean, fresh-smelling and huggable. It's made with the same gentle, wholesome base oils as our people soaps and guaranteed not to irritate a dog’s sensitive skin. You'll notice Soapy's Choice rinses out more easily than liquid formulas.

Bar shampoo? Yes! If your dog has skin problems, check the ingredients in the liquid pet shampoo you’re using. It is probably made with detergents, harsh surfactants and synthetic fragrances. These can cause dry skin and trigger allergies. Consider this though: all dogs have sensitive skin.

Soapy’s Choice is scented with canine-friendly essential oils: lavender, peppermint, cedarwood, tea tree, lemon eucalyptus, and geranium. We add moisturizing jojoba and neem oils, emollients that assure a clean, healthy, shiny coat.

How to use Soapy’s Choice

Rub the wet bar over your dog’s wet coat. Work up a lather and massage the suds into the fur. Avoid soap in the eyes or deep in the ears. Rinse thoroughly. Repeat the wash and rinse if you like. Stand back for the shake-off, then towel dry.

Soapy takes showers. 


“It’s so easy to use. Blue’s fur is soft and she smells great.”

Karen Benson, St. Louis, MO

“When the flies start to collect around my pooches, I know it's time for a bath. When I dump them in my tub, I use this great dog bar soap that is much better than any liquid shampoo I've tried.”

Goofy and Stinky,
Central Park Doggies with Big Schnozzes

Brad Smith with yorkies Angel & Honey and bichon Jolie.

“I have two Yorkies and one Bichon Frise and all have extremely sensitive skin. In the past, I have bought expensive shampoos and conditioners from pet shops and vet offices that just didn't work well. My dogs had rashes and that caused itching, resulting in sores and hair loss. Since using your pet soap for over a year, they all have beautiful, shiny coats with no allergic reactions whatsoever. A big plus is that no conditioner is required after shampooing. Thanks so much”

Barbara Smith, Tupelo, MS

“We really like the pet soap, or should I say, the dogs really like your it. It makes the task of giving a bath to two big, squirmy dogs a lot easier and it leaves them so fresh smelling and soft.”

Charles Pardee, St. Louis, MO

“Billie is a working pet therapy dog. She gets her bath with Soapy's Choice before she visits the elderly every week. They love to touch her coat”

Esther Knox, Mt. Vernon, NY

“The jojoba oil keeps my coat lustrous and silky while it conditions and moisturizes my skin. It takes effort to maintain beauty like this, but I’m worth it.”

Lilly Capstick, Eureka, MO

“I just wanted to tell you how pleased I am with Soapy's Choice. I have a very short-coated American Staffordshire Terrier and this soap is absolutely the best soap I have ever used on her. She actually has no fur at all on her belly so her soap must be able to clean but be gentle as well. It leaves her clean and shiny and smelling good!

The fact that this is in bar soap form makes her baths soooo much easier than struggling with a very slippery plastic bottle. It also lathers much more readily than any other dog shampoo I've ever used (and I've owned dogs since 1972). Kudos for another great addition to your fantastic line of soaps!”

Sharon Simpson, Madison, CT

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