Six times the pleasure

essential oil scent • no synthetics

Sampler Stacks

Six bars, 2.25 oz each, 13.5 oz total

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Six times the pleasure

"I’ve used your soaps for ten years and send them as gifts to friends and family around the world."

Lindsay McKenna, Cottonwood, AZ


Six Varieties

Sampler Stacks contain an assorted half-dozen of our moisturizing soaps—each variety identified on the label. Each Sampler Stack weighs as much as three of our regular bars.

All Mixed Up

Sampler Stacks contain random selections. We don't offer custom picks, but you'll get different mixes if you order more than one.

Sampler as gift

Add a ribbon and it's a welcome gift.

The Ends

Sampler Stacks contain our "ends." We make our soap in large block molds, then slice blocks into loaves, then loaves into bars. There are two ends on each loaf, just like the heels from a loaf of bread, only no crust. 

Sampler Stacks

We mix the varieties up for a spectrum of scents. 


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Each Sampler Stack counts as 1 bar toward our free bar offer.