What's New At Herbaria?

"Love everything about this company. If you haven’t tried the products, you should."

Elisia Krumvieda from our Facebook page


Always Something

We create new products with new purposes, ingredients, and scents regularly. Your suggestions are welcome—many have been fruitful.

Half Bar 6 Bestsellers

Bay Rum Deodorant


Half Bar 6 Bestsellers

Half Bar 6 Bestsellers


 Rose Water Lip Balm

Rose Water Lip Balm


 Hand-Rolled Herbal Incense

Hand-Rolled Herbal Incense



New colors and styles! We don't make them, but we just had to have these for ourselves—handmade, super-absorbent, and fast-drying Peshtemal Turkish Towels.


 Ant Away Concentrate

Ant Away Concentrate


Almond Aloe soap

Almond Aloe


Big Bars

Big Bars 


Comfort Care Package assembles some of our most wanted products during times of illness. A great way to say, "Get well soon!"



We pour our all-natural, essential oil-scented, vegan Candles at our shop on The Hill. 


Shampoo Bars

Have you tried our Shampoo Bars?


Soapy's Pooch Pack

Soapy's Pooch Pack


Serenissima Hand Spray

Serenissima all-natural Hand Spray with 80% alcohol.


Essential Oil Deluxe Kit

Essential Oils Deluxe Kit.


Handmade Ceramic Soap Dishes

Soap Dish lets a bar dry out between uses. Many of these are one-of-a-kind. New ones all the time. 


Sink Side Soap Block

A treat for the natural cook: Sink Side Soap Block. Just say no to fragrance.


Soap of the Month

Soap of the Month now allows individual selection of bars.


Cutie Bundle

Cutie Bundle—all 11 of our Cuties. We've changed out five to include now Avocado Lemon, Biotherapy Black, Eucalyptus Mint, Patchouli Hemp Seed Oil, and Sweet Orange & Vanilla.

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