What's New At Herbaria?

We are continuously creating new products with new scents, new ingredients, new purposes. We act on customer suggestions and welcome your feedback.

Shampoo Bars
You must try our new Shampoo Bars

Serenissima Hand Spray

Serenissima all-natural Hand Spray with 80% alcohol.

Essential Oil Deluxe Kit

Essential Oils Deluxe Kit.

Handmade Ceramic Soap Dishes
These handmade ceramic Soap Dishes catch a wet bar on the fly and let it dry out between uses.

Sink Side Soap Block

A treat for the natural cook: Sink Side Soap Block.

Soap of the Month
Soap of the Month now allows individual selection of bars.

Shiraz Soap
For the wine aficionado: Shiraz Soap.

Tutti Frutti
You'll enjoy detecting all the fruit scents in Tutti Frutti.

Meteor Showers soap
Meteor Showers--a cosmic bar for out of this world bathing.

Essential Oil Starter Kit
Essential Oil Starter Kit

Sugandha Kokila and Laurel
Not exactly new, but renamed. Was Laurel Leaf and Berry, now Sugandha Kokila & Laurel.

2 oz Moisturizers
2-ounce travel and test size moisturizing oils: Almond, Hemp Seed, Jojoba, Avocado Oil

Herbaria all natural Lip Balm
Lip Balms—6 scrumptious flavors. So popular! Mocha is the latest.

Cutie BundleCutie Bundle—all 11 of our Cuties. We've changed out five to now include Avocado Lemon, Biotherapy Black, Eucalyptus Mint, Patchouli Hemp Seed Oil, and Sweet Orange & Vanilla.



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