Enjoy the Best Shave Ever

Shave in the shower

While some people choose to use the bathroom sink, we recommend shaving in the shower. It’s faster and less messy. Men, the trick for shaving a beard in the shower is to have a fog-free mirror. Any plastic mirror will remain fog-free if you soap it up and then rinse it off.

herbaria all natural handmade soap is great for shaving

Whether you’re shaving your face, underarms, bikini area, legs or anywhere else on your body, the closest and most comfortable shave always begins with thoroughly softened hair. Water softens hair, and hot water works best.

The first step is to wash the area well with any of our soaps. This not only cleanses the skin but removes oils from the hair so that it can absorb water.

Once your skin is rinsed clean and whiskers are softened, rub your favorite Herbaria bar on the area to be shaved. Massage the cream of the soap into a moist, lubricating lather that enables the razor to glide easily. If you prefer, use a brush with one of our shaving pucks to create the lather.

With a clean, sharp razor, take short, light strokes. Hold loose skin taut. Rinse the razor often. Shave a beard with the grain, not against it. Shave legs from the ankles upward. The result will be a smooth, comfortable, satisfying shave without razor burn or nicks.

shaving soap

Try our shaving soaps.

To condition the shaved skin, try our aftershaves.



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