We wanted these for ourselves.

100% cotton

Peshtemal Turkish Towels

9 oz. and 15 oz.

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We wanted these for ourselves.

”They get softer and more absorbent each time I wash them.”

Andrea Miles


Super-Absorbent, Fast-Drying

We learned about these handmade, 100% cotton Turkish towels from a friend who hosts a chic B & B. She loves peshtemals because they're attractive, super-absorbent, and quick-drying. They save money on laundry. 

Why Turkish Towels?   

These luxurious towels are made with a unique cotton with exceptionally long, fine, strong fibers. The fabric makes the towels smooth and soft—softer with each washing. They dry more quickly than terry cloth, giving bacteria less opportunity to thrive. The fringe wicks out moisture, too, and helps the towel dry faster. 


Enjoy these for your bath, pool, and beach. Great for camping. Less bulky than terry cloth, peshtemals fold up small. Also unlike terry cloth, sand doesn't stick to the fabric. Very long and wide, a peshtemal is large enough to make a wrap-around sarong. 

Large size 

39" x 70".


Two Designs, Two Weights

The lighter peshtemals, 9 ounces, come in the Stripes design. The heavier, 15-ounce, have a Diamond pattern. 

Peshtemal towel gift

A peshtemal makes a much appreciated and useful gift.



”I've used the same one daily for two years—laundered frequently. I throw it in with my clothes. Amazingly durable.”

Ken Gilberg