Five products to pamper her

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Biotherapy Beauty Collection

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Face Serum • Beauty Mask • Body Butter  • Sugar Scrub • Soap

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Five products to pamper her

Here's a gift that will give hours of pleasure and enhanced wellbeing. Each of these healthy, restorative products is a joy to use.

Biotherapy Face Serum moisturizes and protects skin with deeply penetrating, extra-hydrating antioxidants.

Biotherapy Beauty Mask (dry to normal skin) gently and thoroughly cleanses, detoxifies and tones the complexion. Used once a week, it will maintain and enhance the color, texture, and appearance of the face.

Biotherapy Body Butter is a good friend in cold, drying winters. This twist-up moisturizing stick contains butters and oils to soften, soothe and hydrate skin.

Biotherapy Skincare Soap is one of our most popular soaps. This bar contains essential oils especially kind to skin. Jojoba oil, a noncomedogenic moisturizer, softens skin without clogging pores. Pulverized oatmeal soothes and tones skin.

Biotherapy Sugar Scrub is a luxurious natural body treatment to apply wherever skin is rough-- hands, elbows, knees, feet, heels. Turbinado sugar crystals scrub dead cells away and leave treated areas baby smooth. Skin will be moisturized and soft. Biotherapy Sugar Scrub is scented with lavender and peppermint for added pleasure.

Biotherapy Beauty Collection

Biotherapy Beauty Collection counts as 5 items towards our free bar offer!