Entirely Plant Based

All of our ingredients are plant-based. 

Our Base Oils

We use LaRee's original recipe from 20 years ago as the basis of all our face and body bars. The blend of food-grade oils makes "the best soap ever!" To moisturize, olive oil and rice bran oils; for a rich, stable lather, soy oil; and to make a hard, long-lasting bar, palm kernel oilGlycerine makes up about 9% of a bar after saponification.  


Essential Oils and Other Natural Scents

Textures & Natural Colorants

almond oil

We add to our basic soap recipe one or more oils and/or butters to moisturize your skin. This is called “superfatting.”

We also offer oils and butters to use as moisturizers. You'll find them more effective than conventional lotions.


essential oils

The aromas in Herbaria soaps and products come from essential oils derived from plants. We are careful to select oils from sustainable plants. Read more about the benefits of essential oils


​​​Added oatmeal soothes, moisturizes, and exfoliates. Cornmeal and pumice provide scrubbing friction while activated charcoal absorbs toxins and grease. All colorants we use are natural, coming from herbs and clays.