Be cleaner, softer, smoother

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Luffa (Loofah) Soaps

8 oz round bars

7 awesome varieties


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Be cleaner, softer, smoother

“I absolutely love the Luffa soap!!”

Jenna Ottwell, Pleasanton, California

We've combined our moisturizing soap with genuine Egyptian Luffa (also spelled loofah, but we're going with the plant's genus name) to make the most fabulous shower soap ever.

These extra-large, 1 1/3" thick, 4" wide, 8-oun­­ce rounds last and last.

Luffa (loofah) Soaps

A hemp cord allows the bar to hang and dry out between uses.

Luffa Soaps have the perfect texture for invigorating showers—not too rough, not too smooth. Scrubbing with a Luffa Soap exfoliates (removes dead skin cells) and increases blood circulation, to leave skin healthy and glowing. 

Luffa aegyptaica vs. Luffa acutangula

To make our Luffa Soaps, we use Egyptian luffas, Luffa aegyptiaca, on the left in the photo above. On the right is a different species, L. acutangula, that you'll often see in other loofah soaps. It stays hard even when wet and too scratchy for anything but your heels. 

We also offer whole luffas and pieces.  

Seven delightful varieties

Luffa Soap Biotherapy Black

Biotherapy Black™ Luffa contains activated charcoal, which, by absorbing toxins, can help reduce the instances of acne and other skin problems. To balance your skin's oil production, it contains essential oils of tea tree, palmarosa, lavender, geranium, patchouli, and vetiver. The bar is superfatted with jojoba oil, a non-comedogenic moisturizer, which will soften your skin without clogging pores. Want the regular Biotherapy Black bar or Biotherapy Skincare?

Luffa Soap Camper's Choice

Camper's Choice™ Luffa, our insect repellent recipe, scrubs away chiggers and poison ivy, too. The bar contains essential oils of citronella, lemongrass, lavender, lemon eucalyptus, sweet basil, patchouli, thyme, catnip. It's superfatted with hemp seed oil. French green clay adds to the creamy lather. Want the regular Camper's Choice bar? 

Luffa Soap French Lavender

Chai Spice Luffa will take you to Mumbai and back with this delightful blend of essential oils, including cardamom, coriandercinnamonginger, black peppercorn, nutmeg, and vanilla infusion. The bar contains shea butter to moisturize your skin, kaolin clay for extra creaminess, and black tea provides the color.

Luffa Soap French Lavender

French Lavender Luffa contains everybody's favorite, essential oil of lavender. Sweet almond oil softens skin. Alkanet gives the purple color. Want the regular French Lavender bar?

Luffa Soap Lemon May Chang

Lemon May Chang Luffa is a pure citrus delight with essential oils of may chang and lemon. Shea butter moisturizes your skin. The yellow color comes from fresh turmeric. Want the regular May Chang bar?

Luffa Soap Soapy's Choice

Soapy's Choice™ Luffa acts like a curry comb for a dog's coat, a soft brush to thoroughly clean hair and fur. Soapy's Choice contains canine-friendly essential oils of lavandin, peppermint, cedarwood, geranium, and lemon eucalyptus. Jojoba oil and neem oil are extra emollients for a healthy coat and skin. Want a regular Soapy's Choice bar?

Luffa Soap Triple Mint Oatmeal

Triple Mint Luffa is a super-refreshing minty blend of essential oils of cornmint, peppermint, and spearmint. Cocoa butter makes the bar moisturizing. The luffa doesn't contain the oatmeal in our Triple Mint Oatmeal bar.

making luffa soaps

To make Luffa Soap, we pour just-mixed soap into a tubular mold packed with a whole luffa. After a few days, the soap hardens, and the cylinder is cut into thick slices. 

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