Ze perfect end to ze bath.

kind to dog's skin

Soapy's Apres le Bain

4 fl oz

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Ze perfect end to ze bath.

This all-natural, moisturizing balm will scent your dog with pleasantly fragrant canine-friendly essential oils. No irritating synthetic fragrance here. Kiss, kiss!  

After bathing your dog with Soapy’s Choice shampoo bar, drizzle or spritz some Soapy's Après le Bain™ moisturizing lotion onto the fur and massage it into his or her coat and skin. You’ll love the shine it leaves.

Some people apply Soapy's Apres le Bain on an odor-challenged pup like cologne.

Gosh, don't we love our dogs!

“I don't know who invented Soapy's Après le Bain, but they really do deserve a reward for that one. It's brilliant.”

Jen Lee, New York, NY

“I just wanted to thank you so much for your products. I've been using your dog shampoo on my Boston terrier, Gibson, for about two years. He used to hate being bathed before I used your soaps on him. I'm so glad you came up with after-bath care because in the colder & drier months, he still gets a little itchy & flaky. Nowhere near as badly as when I used traditional dog shampoo, but still. And it makes him smell like an herbal candy, kind of like Ricolla. I tell other dog owners about your products all the time, as my dog gets compliments everywhere we go about his shiny coat.”

Giuseppina Goldstein, Summerfield, FL



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