The Benefits of Essential Oils

Watch this two-minute video (1:48) about essential oils and you’ll appreciate why we never put "fragrance” in our products. To view a larger version, click the full-screen icon at the bottom right.

Have you ever smelled real lavender? Many commercial brands title their products "Lavender" when, in fact, they are scented with synthetic fragrance. Yardley’s English Lavender soap, for instance, adds imitation lavender to the bar. Then they add a smaller amount of the real stuff, Lavandula angustifolia, as a way of avoiding outright misrepresentation.

If you see the word "fragrance" in any skincare product, avoid it. "Fragrance" can stand for over 150 different chemicals, any number of which are potential allergens, according to dermatologists.

Lavender, the queen of all essential oils, has been used and enjoyed for thousands of years. It's spoken of in the Bible. It's one of the safest essential oils. It’s a crop grown in many countries such as France, Bulgaria, Spain and the United States.

Making natural floral oils, like rose or lilac, requires the harvest of just the blossoms. These costly oils are used only in the finest perfumes. On the other hand, lavender essential oil comes from harvesting whole fields of the plant. The leaves, stems, and flowers are then steam distilled.

It’s not just that lavender smells so pleasant. Aromatherapists say it is both stimulating and relaxing.

Men love lavender also. Famously, Frank Sinatra was a fan. His widow, Barbara Sinatra, said, "He was a guy who took about 12 showers a day. He always smelled of lavender."

We use it in 18 varieties of our soap and many other products.

Lavender plays the starring role in our Lavender Oatmeal and French Lavender soaps. We add lavender to Biotherapy Skincare and Biotherapy Black. Lavender is one of the insect repellants in Camper’s Choice. Lavender mixes well with many other essential oils to create some of our favorite scent blends.

Choose the Lavender variety of Caracalla Bath Bombs, Ambiente Room and Linen Spray, and Aftershave.

Lavender essential oil finds its way into Lago di Garda Bath Salts, Biotherapy Sugar Scrub, Biotherapy Face Mask, Biotherapy Face Serum, Almond Massage Oil, Goodbye Headache, and Jojoba Oil and Jojoba Healthy Hair.


Transcript of video

What are essential oils? Why are they better for you?

This gorgeous field of lavender in France looks like a garden but it is actually a crop. When it’s harvested, the lavender will be steam-distilled to produce fragrant lavender essential oil.

This precious essential oil contains some 5,000 organic compounds.

Lavender has been proven safe-- used and loved for centuries.

Contrast this natural oil with synthetic fragrances produced in chemical laboratories.

Synthetic fragrances are among the top five allergens in the world and may contain neurotoxins and hormone disruptors.

Check the ingredients in your soap and skincare products. Most likely, you’ll see the word "fragrance."

This single word can stand for hundreds of unnamed, potentially harmful chemicals.

We do not use synthetic fragrance oils in any of our products.

Enjoy real scents of citrus, spice, evergreen, and mints.

Florals? We love them too. But think about it. It takes tons of these tiny blossoms, handpicked in Spring, to make a single pound of lilac oil. The rest of the shrub has no scent.

Roses are similar. It’s just the petals. Real floral oils are costly, used only in the finest perfumes.

We offer fifty different varieties of soaps. Lavender is our most popular scent, but you’ll want to try others. Indulge your sense of smell.

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