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Lago di Garda Bath Salts

16 oz or 40 oz

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Take bathing pleasure to new depths

Tub water takes on added comfort with just a half cup or less of Lago di Garda. Sea salt, dendritic salt and Epsom salt leaves you and your skin blissfully pampered. Bathing with these salts hydrates and softens dry skin.

Eucalyptus and mint open your sinuses. Lavender and rosemary relax and restore you. The resealable barrier pouch locks in the robust aromas of the essential oils. The hint of blue comes from natural indigo powder.

Lago di Garda Bath Salts sizes

We offer two sizes, 40 ounces, enough for ten baths, and 16 ounces, which will make four delightful baths.

We’ve named this fragrant blend of soothing salts after the deepest lake in Europe. Lago di Garda Mineral Bath Salts will take your bathing experience to new depths of pleasure and relaxation.

“I never used to take baths but my friend gave me a bag of Lago di Garda and now I can’t wait to sit in the tub.”

Marty Chapman, Milwaukee, WI

“Most of the week I take a quick shower. Once a week I treat myself to a bath with your salts and I am revitalized.”

Carol Robinson, Chicago, IL

“I’ve tried many other bath salts but I love that your fragrance is all natural. It soothes my soul!”

J. J. Henley, Little Rock, AR



Each bag of Lago di Garda All-Natural Mineral Bath Salts counts as 1 bar toward our free bar offer.