Soothes, protects and conditions

good for hair on head, too

Beard Oils

2 fl oz
three scents + unscented

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Soothes, protects and conditions

"I love the oil. Great product. It’s perfect the way it smells. Key Lime is my personal favorite. So refreshing!"

Yanis Bjou, beard enthusiast, from Boulogne sur Mer, France


Why Beard Oil?

Herbaria Beard Oil soothes and conditions your beard and the skin under it without being greasy. You’ll look good all day, and your skin beneath will be happy.

All-Natural Goodness 

In response to customer requests, we developed this odorless blend of moisturizing organic oils: jojoba, high oleic sunflower seed, and babassu. These oils won’t clog pores but will soften coarse whiskers and leave your beard shiny. Terrific to dress your hair, too.

Scents or Non-scents

We offer one unscented variety and three scented. The aromatic essential oils of Herbaria Beard Oil won’t overwhelm or irritate like synthetic fragrance oils. Our Beard Oil is only lightly scented not only to avoid an allergic reaction to the essential oils but because it will be under your nose all day.

You and anyone close to you will enjoy our three scented varieties:

Bay Rum is spicy with a touch of sweet orange.

Vetiver is woodsy, with cedarwood oil, vetiver, and bergamot.

Key Lime, bright and refreshing, combining lime, lavender, and frankincense.

How to Use

Shower and shampoo your beard, then towel your beard nearly dry. Put a few drops of Beard Oil in your palms, rub them together, and apply the oil to your whiskers. A little goes a long way. Work the oil into your beard and down to your skin. Comb it through, and then style it to look neat and groomed.

The image we’ve chosen for our Beard Oil label is an 1892 self-portrait of the dapper American photographer William Henry Jackson.

bearded man photo Herbaria all natural Beard Oil

Beards are popular these days. Hirsute is hip.

"I swim every day, and my beard dries out terribly. Your beard oil really makes my skin feel good and stop itching."

walk-in customer, St. Louis, MO

"My wife really goes for the Vetiver scent you make. She can’t keep her hands off my beard."

Andy Miller, Akron, OH



Each bottle of Beard Oil counts as 1 bar toward our free bar offer.