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almond essential oil • moisturizing

Almond Spice Soap

4.5 oz bar

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Make every day brighter

"Best soap ever! Using Almond Spice right now—smells and lathers splendidly!"

Claire Knapp Chosid from our Facebook page


Essential Oil Scent

While our Almond Green Tea delivers a straightforward marzipan scent, Almond Spice radiates with clove and cinnamon-like cassia, citrusy, floral bergamot, and natural almond essential oil. The warm, comforting aroma becomes wholly satisfying.

Let this bar scent your dresser drawers and linen closets. Delight your friends with Almond Spice in your guest bath. Take time yourself to relax and enjoy the soap in a lavish bath. A year-round favorite especially appreciated during the winter holidays, Almond Spice brings joy any day. It makes a lovely hostess gift.


Sweet almond oil superfats the bar for a luxurious moisturizing lather that leaves your skin soft and smooth.

Ever-So-Slight Texture

This golden soap is flecked with tender calendula petals. 

herbaria all natural handmade soap is great for teenagers' skin

Here’s a scent that appeals to men and women.

"I've tried other soaps. They don't stack up to Herbaria. I believe it is the love and energy that comes from something hand-made that makes Herbaria soaps so wonderful. They are top-notch quality. Thank you."

Kathy Kohler-Schwartz, St. Louis, MO

"Just the best soap on the market. At 62, my massage therapist does not believe how my skin is so healthy and soft. I told her my secret—it is your soap. I truly believe that. Thanks."

David Qualkinbush, North Ridgeville, OH



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