Soothing, softening, citrusy

avocado oil moisturizes • essential oil scent

Avocado Lemon Soap

4.5 oz bar

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Soothing, softening, citrusy

"I have very sensitive skin and Herbaria soaps are all that I have used for years.”

Alex Bornstein, St. Louis, MO


Essential Oil Scent

This soap will brighten your bath or shower with its crisp, clean fragrance. The vivid citrus scent comes from tangy lemon, fresh lemongrass, and zesty orange essential oils.


Avocado oil in the bar provides soothing benefits to your whole body. The oil is anti-bacterial and well known for healing skin irritations. It’s also high in Vitamin E, a powerful antioxidant. Regular use may help you look younger.


Finely-ground dried lemon adds character to the bar for a gentle exfoliant.

Alec Kirk loves the smell of Herbaria Avocado Lemon soap

"The best thing I've ever smelled!" reports Alec Kirk of St. Charles, Missouri.

"Very happy return customer ... I have converted three sisters and a daughter-in-law to your wonderful soaps."

Nancy Bennett, Martinsville, IN

"Your soap came in the mail Wednesday. I had my first shower that night, and I fell in love with this soap. I feel so clean and soft when I get out of the bath. And I don't walk around in a cloud of perfume all day. I just have a clean smell. That is just what I wanted. Thank you for having such a special product."

Wanda J. Koerner, Alum Bridge, WV



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