A trip to the Bavarian Alps

moisturizing and cleansing

Black Forest Chamomile Soap

4.5 oz bar

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A trip to the Bavarian Alps

Germany's traditional scents—bergamot, cinnamon leaf, lavender, lemongrass, and orange—blend and balance magnificently in Black Forest Chamomile. Faintly floral but not flowery, spicy but not piquant, it is a popular bar among both men and women.

The soap is richly superfatted with shea butter to provide a long-lasting moisturizer. The beautiful color and gentle texture come from crushed chamomile blossoms.

woman with turquoise necklace

“Your soap is amazing! Black Forest Chamomile will be haunting me for a very long time. Expect to hear from me again soon!”

Denise Pryor, Van Nuys, CA

“I store 'extra' bars in my dresser like sachets, and everything smells yummy. I get to enjoy them that way while waiting to enjoy them in the bath. Each drawer has one or two bars, so every time I open a different drawer, it's a different 'flavor'... I love it!”

Patricia Koksal, Baton Rouge, LA



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