Shower in a tropical rainforest.

potent essential oils • shea butter moisturizer

Indonesian Safflower Soap

4.5 oz bar

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Shower in a tropical rainforest.

Indonesian Safflower makes people crazy. In addition to the lovely safflower blossoms scattered throughout the bar, it contains a heady blend of sweet basil, ylang-ylang, vetiver, and patchouli. It's our strongest scented soap.

Basil oil is said to aid concentration and clarify the mind and ylang-ylang is reputed to stimulate the senses and induce feelings of well-being.

The soap delivers moisturizing shea butter to your skin in a creamy lather. You will definitely feel altered after a bathing experience with Indonesian Safflower.

gaugin artwork

Two Tahitian Women, painted by Paul Gauguin. The women hold a bowl of safflowers, one of humanity's oldest crops.

“I just got out of the shower after using your Indonesian Safflower and all I can think about is that soap!”

Catherine Kolb, St. Louis, MO

“Love the smell! Very strong fragrance.”

Lee Fischer, St. Louis, MO



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