Out of this world

activated charcoal • shea butter moisturizer

Meteor Showers

4.5 oz bar

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Out of this world

"It lathers up so good!"

Peggy Wilmes King from our Facebook page


Unearthly Goodness

Assorted soap shreds festoon this activated charcoal, deep-cleansing body bar. Essential oils of may chang and lavender give it a fresh, lemony scent. Shea butter makes the soap extra moisturizing.

Meteor Trails

To make Meteor Showers, we add shreds of a variety of bars to our soap base, colored black from activated charcoal.


Meteor Showers

"As beautiful to see as they are incredible to smell and magical to feel!"

Ruth Kim, Clayton, MO

"Your soaps are the absolute best! I left STL three years ago, but I have your soaps shipped to Florida. I can't use anything else. Thanks for producing such a quality product."

Meg Bailey, Somewhere in FL




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