Enjoy a bug-free outdoors without toxic chemicals.

with 8 insect repellent essential oils

Natural Citronella & Marigold

4.5 oz bar

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Enjoy a bug-free outdoors without toxic chemicals.


We’ve sold Natural Citronella & Marigold soap for years. We created the bar by request from the National Parks. Everybody's heard of citronella. The combination of that with seven other essential oils known to repel insects makes a lemon-scented bar that helps keep you bug-free. 

Hemp seed oil is added for extra moisturizing. Dried marigold flowers make the bar pretty and add a slight texture to its creamy lather. 

Camper's Choice bar and Luffa

With the introduction of our Choice Series, we revised Natural Citronella & Marigold to become Camper’s Choice. Some customers are so delighted with Natural Citronella & Marigold soap they are reluctant to try Camper’s Choice. For them, we still make it.

Camper's Choice has added oatmeal for scrubbing and French green clay for a luscious lather. We also make Camper's Choice Luffa Soap. 




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