Highly agreeable.

refreshing scent • shea butter moisturizer

Peppermint Soap

4.5 oz bar

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Highly agreeable.

"Refresh my body, my soul, and my spirit!"

Amelia Diaz

The creamy, cleansing lather of our Peppermint soap leaves your skin feeling tingly with natural menthol from the essential oil of peppermint.

peppermint plant

We balance and sweeten the peppermint with a touch of palmarosa essential oil.

peppermint bars

Peppermint bars contain unique swirls of Australian pink clay. The clay adds color and healthy, soothing minerals to make a delightful bathing experience for everyone in the family.

The finishing touch in this soap is shea butter, a rich moisturizer that assures you the pleasure of soft skin without itchiness or oiliness. We guarantee you a completely satisfying soap.

On a bright note, peppermint has been shown to help with weight loss. The smell can suppress your appetite and can boost your mood, calming the impulse for emotional eating.

Note: the pink clay may stain a light-colored washcloth.

young girl in pink holding Herbaria Peppermint soap photo

Pink Peppermint fancier at the Festival of the Little Hills, St. Charles, MO.

"I’ve made several converts since finding your company; my children and 2 friends are now Herbaria devotees. Thanks for a great product. I love trying new soaps in your product line. Peppermint will be the new one for me."

Patti Lightle, Washington Court House, OH

"I buy a lot of handmade soaps and these are the best I've ever used."

Barkha Bullin McDermith, Maggie Valley, NC

"I’m a return shopper. I love your peppermint soap—I don’t leave home without it!!!"

Michelle Nelson, Kernersville, NC




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