Clean-scented bar bids “good morning!”

essential oil scent • shea butter moisturizer

Pink Grapefruit Soap

4.5 oz bar

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Clean-scented bar bids “good morning!”

"Everything you make makes my skin HAPPY. And through both scratch & patch testing...I am allergic to most everything. It's life-changing to find such an honest, amazing & dedicated company that really wants to help & please its customers. I'll be scattered sales here and there for as long as you're in business. That's a promise!!"

Kimberly Sawczuk from our Facebook page


Exhilarating Showers

The elusive scent of this bar comes from the essential oil of pink grapefruit. The soap makes bathing a refreshing experience.

Natural Colors and Texture

Rosehip powder provides gentle exfoliation and flecks of red. The coral color comes from French pink clay which also adds creaminess to the lather.


Avocado oil superfats the bar to moisturize skin.

sliced grapefruit in tree photo

A good customer from Arizona sent us his enchanting photo of the grapefruit tree in his backyard.

"My husband and I have used nothing but Herbaria soaps for the past three years. They are like no other soap I've ever used. The suds are creamy and luxurious, and yet the bars are remarkably long-lasting. The beautiful fragrance stays just faintly on your skin all day. I adore these soaps. I can't imagine ever using any other. Thank you!"

Carter Collins Law, St. Louis, MO

Melissa's Herbaria Pink Grapefruit chalkboard

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