Could be your favorite soap ever

floral essential oils • almond oil moisturizer

Rose Geranium Soap

4.5 oz bar

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Could be your favorite soap ever

"The Rose Geranium bar is a winner. The scent is lovely, and the clay adds a creamy consistency to the lather that I adore."

Nancy Hobson, St. Louis, MO

The romantic scent of this soap will brighten your spirits as you clean and moisturize your skin. The natural fragrance comes from the essential oil of rose geranium. Palmarosa, another rosy-scented essential oil, moderates the sweetness to create a fuller and more complex aroma.

rose geranium photo

Rose-scented geraniums are the source of the essential oil.

The Rose Geranium bar is one of our few floral-scented soaps. We cannot use true rose extractions because they are prohibitively expensive, added only to costly perfumes. And our products never contain synthetic fragrance oils.

The bar is soothing and gentle enough for sensitive skin. We add Australian pink clay to create a lovely pink color and provide its softening and conditioning qualities. Our emollient in this bar is sweet almond oil.

"The rose geranium soap has a fragrance so warm and comforting. Thank you for making such eco-wise products!"

Jennifer Kingman, Monument Beach, MA

"Have been loving this soap for years - Use nothing else, and I used to have my own soap business! Great soaps and great company!"

Corky Condon from our Facebook page


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