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essential oil scent • hemp seed oil moisturizes

Rosemary Soap

4.5 oz bar

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Take a Mediterranean cruise

“I’ve been using your soap for years & love it! My skin feels clean & soft, never dry."

Kathy Odenwald


Classic Scent

Your skin will relish our Rosemary bar as much as your nose. Rosemary smells clean—woodsy, piney, a little peppery. No wonder this is one of our most beloved varieties.

Essential Oils

We blend three essential oils to create this scent. It is predominately rosemary but tempered with lavender and softened with rose-like palmarosa.

Texture, Color, and Emollient

The bar also contains finely ground rosemary leaves to add a slight texture and pale green color. A healthy dose of hemp seed oil provides a lavish moisturizer.

rosemary in flower

Rosemary promotes memory and mental clarity.

Hungary Water

Rosemary has a long history as a favorite fragrance. Sometime in the 1300s, it was the key ingredient in the famous perfume, Hungary water. Legend tells of a queen of Hungary, who, wearing the fragrance at the age of 72, captivated the King of Poland in a romantic liaison.

For the next 500 years, until the French started producing eau de Cologne in the Eighteenth Century, no other herb enjoyed the popularity of rosemary either as a scent or as a natural remedy.

"This is by far the best soap I've ever used."

Kay M., Durham, CT

"i can't begin to tell you how much i LOVE your soap! it leaves my skin feeling clean, fresh and natural, and not like i just stepped out of a perfume bath!!!!!"

Christie Cange, Swansea, IL



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