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Rosy Bouquet Soap

4.5 oz bar

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Pink roses speak of grace, gratitude and joy of life.

We call this “Rosey” because it’s not actually rose. However, you will smell the “Bouquet” of a Damask rose in bloom.

Maybe you’ve gathered enough about us to know we never use synthetic fragrance in our products. Genuine rose otto, essential oil of roses, is extremely expensive, the price of gold. To make the real stuff, 10,000 pounds of petals are hand-picked to make just one pound of rose otto. We can't use that.  

For the complex aroma of Rosy Bouquet, six essential oils with rose-like and floral notes combine for a satisfying, wholesome scent. Both lavender and rose geranium essential oils are considered good for your skin.

The blush color of the bar comes from cosmetic clays, which also add a silkiness to the soap’s lather. Sweet almond oil makes the bar extra moisturizing. Enjoy this bar from head to toe.

Note: For the past ten years, we made Rosy Bouquet with henna oil, but have chosen to not use it anymore. Our new Rosy Bouquet, we believe, is a better product. 

“Pink is my favorite color!”

Claire Chosid, St. Louis, MO

“Rosy, but not flowery sweet. Perfect!”

Jackie Bunnell, Lawrence, KS

“This is a youthful, fresh-smelling rose scent, not cloying.”

Ashley Murphy, St. Louis, MO



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