Root beer scent for kids of all ages

essential oil scent • hemp seed oil moisturizes

Sassafras Birch Soap

4.5 oz bar

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Root beer scent for kids of all ages

"Takes me back to when we used to make our own sassafras tea from the bark. Exquisite."

Elizabeth Porterfield Burns, Issaquah, Washington

The root beer scent in our Sassafras Birch soap comes from the essential oil of sweet birch. Old fashioned birch beer and sarsaparilla share the familiar root beer scent. After your initial sniff, sniff again, and you'll detect a minty aroma. That hint of wintergreen also comes from the sweet birch essential oil. 

root beer scent

Who can resist a cold, frosty mug of old-fashioned root beer? Photographed at Carl's Drive-in, St. Louis, MO.

Ground sassafras root and bark are added to the bar to make a lovely purple shade. The ground sassafras adds a slight texture to the bar.

Like all Herbaria soaps, Sassafras Birch is first and foremost a great soap with terrific lather and moisturizing hemp seed oil.

"I just got out of the shower after using the new Sassafras Birch soap. I LOVE it!!!!! It smells so good. The smell reminds me of my childhood. You have a real winner with this one!"

Claire Chosid, Town and Country, MO



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