"Top of the morning to you!"

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Shave Soaps

3.5 oz puck
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"Top of the morning to you!"

Unless you shave with our soaps, you’re subjecting your face to an astounding assault of petrochemicals, detergents, preservatives, and synthetic fragrances. Ouch!

Shave Pucks

Left to right: Bay Rum & Jojoba Oil, Mint & Hemp Seed, Lime & Coconut.

By contrast, the wholesome ingredients in our shave pucks are especially kind to your skin. They are rich with moisturizing emollients and produce cushiony, longlasting lather. We guarantee you a close, comfortable shave. You might want to follow Ken's suggestions for the best shave ever.

Best shave ever!

You don't need a brush; you can simply smear the soap creme where you're shaving. The soap lubricates and moisturizes. 

We offer three superb combinations of scent and moisturizer. As in all our products, we use only essential oils for their complex and alluring aromas. Natural clays add more lubrication and thick, creamy lather.

Our longlasting shave pucks are 1" thick, 3" in diameter.

Herbaria all natural bay rum and jojoba oil shave soap photo

Bay Rum & Jojoba Oil

Classic gentleman’s scent from the West Indies, spicy with a hint of orange.

Herbaria all natural mint and hemp seed oil shave soap photo

Lime & Coconut Oil

Fresh squeezed, tropical lime with coconut added for both scent and really soft skin.


Herbaria all natural lime and coconut oil shave soap photo

Mint & Hemp Seed Oil

Your face will feel cool and refreshed from cornmint, which is loaded with natural menthol.


“Very creamy and quick to lather. With slick, moist workability, the razor has no problem gliding over tough to get to places.”

Bill Sahadi, Southern Pines, NC

Herbaria Aftershaves

Try our Aftershaves to soothe and protect your face. 

luigi barbaforte painting

Luigi Barbaforte is the great-great-grandfather of our soapmaker, Gino. Luigi was born in Sardinia and fought valiantly with Garibaldi for the unification of Italy. Luigi’s son, Giorgio, came to live with cousins on the Hill in 1901. At the 1904 St. Louis World’s Fair, he began a career as a barber and gained international fame for giving the closest and most comfortable shaves.*

*The legend of Luigi developed when we needed a dashing gent for our shave soap labels.

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