Smell the Alpine air.

essential oil scent • almond oil moisturizes

Silver Fir & Lavender Soap

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Smell the Alpine air.

Straight from the mountains of Europe comes the essential oil in our irresistible Silver Fir & Lavender. We chose this specific fir from many possible evergreen oils because of its soft, lovely balsam-like fragrance. To fully develop the bouquet of the soap, we add lavender and a touch of cade, Juniperus oxycedrus, a smoky-scented essential oil.

silver fir

Silver fir

Silver Fir & Lavender is an untextured bar with added sweet almond oil to moisturize your skin. French green clay adds a silkiness to the lather, plus, the clay’s micro molecules absorb excess oils, toxins, and impurities.

Nancy Bennett and granddaughter photo

Nancy Bennett and her 16-year-old granddaughter, Torri.

"You’ve outdone yourselves with the silver fir soap. I’ve used your products for several years. I love all of the soaps I’ve tried, but this one is exceptional.

"I’m in my mid-60s and am often mistaken for younger. I attribute the look of my skin largely to the use of your soaps and oils. Thank you for doing what you do."

Nancy Bennett, Martinsville, IN

"Your Silver Fir & Lavender—what a fabulous way to start my day!"

Jon Brock, Seattle, WA



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