Inspired by the ice cream bar

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Sweet Orange & Vanilla Soap

4.5 oz

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Inspired by the ice cream bar


Danielle Lee, St. Louis, MO


Dreamy and Creamy

This might be the happiest bar of soap ever, a fragrant marriage of citrusy orange and sweet vanilla.

Natural Scents

The vanilla aroma comes from an infusion made with pods of the orchid Vanilla planifolia in a base of coconut oil. The orange scent comes from 5-fold orange essential oil. A touch of patchouli swells the scent of the orange, but if we didn’t tell you, you wouldn’t know it was there.

Natural Color

This bar's natural orange color comes from annatto seeds, from the achiote shrub of South America. This herb has been treasured since Mayan times as a topical skin treatment and is also used in cosmetics. Annatto is commonly used today to color foods such as cheddar cheese and butter. Rich in carotenoids, annatto functions as an antioxidant, like vitamin E.


We’ve superfatted this soap with two emollients: shea butter for a hydrating bar, and castor oil to create an extra creamy lather and to further moisturize skin.

"Went shopping at Herbaria last week and was introduced to a new bar of soap. Sweet Orange and Vanilla!! Great scent with a rich lather. Leaves your skin soft and clean without drying out. I'll definitely be adding this bar of soap to my favorite list! Thank you, Herbaria!"

Officer Mike Haman, St. Louis, MO

Soapy under arrest




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