Sweet, smooth, sensuous

all natural • moisturizing coconut oil

Vanilla Soap

4.5 oz bar

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Sweet, smooth, sensuous

"I love the vanilla soap! Smells so good!"

Jenn Hill from our Facebook page


Real Vanilla

To impart the sweet scent, we use a natural infusion made with vanilla pods of the orchid, Vanilla planifolia.

Vanilla beans

A Smooth, Moisturizing Cake

Perhaps our Vanilla soap is not a bar, but a cake of soap, caramel-colored and decorated with flecks of ground vanilla beans. Even with the bits of vanilla, the soap is smooth in texture. And to make the cake moist and rich, especially to skin, we add organic coconut oil.


young girl with Herbaria Vanilla soap photo

"I get a flood of pleasant memories from the fragrance of your Vanilla soap, like warm homemade vanilla pudding or a creamy vanilla shake from Carvel."

Lynn Marisol, Trenton, NJ

"I love the simple, sweet scent of vanilla. The soap will be a luxurious addition to my morning routine."

Hanna Kahn, Chicago, IL

Plain Ol' Vanilla

For some, vanilla may seem plain and boring but it's is the most popular ice cream flavor in the U.S. A customer favorite, we include it in our 6-Bar Christmas Collection.

Vanilla plantation

Vanilla orchid on a plantation in Réunion Island, near Madagascar. 



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