WOW! This bar packs a wallop!

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Vetiver Walnut Soap

4.5 oz bar

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WOW! This bar packs a wallop!

"Something about this bar's scent strikes me as nostalgic, earthy, cozy and comforting, all at the same time."

Julie DeFreece 

Vetiver has long been a popular scent with both women and men and is often used as the base note in both perfumes and colognes. Vetiver imparts a robust, woody aroma, warm and comforting. In this soap, vetiver is one of three essential oils that complement each other deliciously. Coriander adds a touch of spice, may chang a lemony freshness.

If you’ve been a fan of our Indonesian Safflower bar, you’ll also enjoy this close cousin. Vetiver Walnut is more earthy; Indonesian Safflower a bit more floral.

Finely ground English walnut shells add a scrub that invigorates and exfoliates your skin as you soap up. You will feel fully clean. To top off your skincare, we’ve added sweet almond oil for a soothing moisturizer.

men harvesting vetiver roots photo

Vetiver essential oil is derived from the roots of a tropical grass.

"I have been addicted to this bar for a year now. Can’t give it up."

Nina Ganci, St. Louis, MO

"I get compliments all the time about smelling good. It’s the Vetiver Walnut soap."

Matt Sanders, Miami, FL



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