Cleans green thumbs

cornmeal scrub • essential oils • moisturizing

Gardener's Hand Soap

4.5 oz bar

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Cleans green thumbs

"It gently scrubs off the dirt, smells great, and leaves hands feeling moisturized."

Nikki Bricker Cameron


To the Rescue

You’re passionate about your perennials, attentive to your annuals. While your beds look spectacular, your hands suffer. They’re not just dirty, but dry and damaged.

Washing with Gardener's Hand Soap

Grit that Cleans

Wash your hands with Gardener’s Hand Soap to gently scrub your skin clean. The bar contains finely ground cornmeal to remove stubborn dirt—a nail brush helps—and to make your hands feel smooth again.


Rich African shea butter in the soap will restore moisture. Your skin will feel soft and pampered.

Bright Citrus Scent

Lemongrass, orange, and palmarosa essential oils make the citrus scent for a perfect finish.


"I wash my hands probably 25 times a day when I’m gardening. I love that your Gardener’s Hand Soap doesn’t dry out my hands and gets them so clean. It even removes the sticky sap from the oleander."

Pam Labruyere, Carlsbad, CA

"I work with sheet metal, an oily job. I prefer your Gardener’s Hand Soap to the Fast Orange that’s in the shop. I like the way it cleans and how my hands feel afterward."

Roger Grady, St. Ann, MO

"I like the texture of the cornmeal much more than those pumice soaps. Forget about using chemical cleaners."

Joshua Greene, Florence, OR



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