Scrubs you clean as can be

hand-crocheted • hemp and cotton

Soap Sacks


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Scrubs you clean as can be

Why a Soap Sack?

With a bar of soap alone, you can’t wash behind your ears or scrub your armpits really clean. With these soap sacks, you can. You may never need a washcloth again. Unlike those nylon net scrubbers, Soap Sacks last for years!

Hand Made

These hand-crocheted hemp and cotton sacks come in various colors. They make any bar gently exfoliating. Collect your soap ends in the sack, too.

Everybody Wants One

Since a pouch becomes your personal washcloth, everyone will want his or her own. They measure roughly 4 1/2" wide by 6 inches high.


herbaria uses green tea in its all natural handmade soaps

“I’ve used the same one for 6 years. I love it.”

Ken Gilberg, St. Louis, MO

“I feel scrubbed clean and invigorated after a shower with your soap sacks. Love 'em.”

Sally Miller, Ithica, NY