Scrubs you clean as can be

hand-crocheted • hemp and cotton

Soap Sacks


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Scrubs you clean as can be

Why a Soap Sack?

With a bar of soap alone, you can’t wash behind your ears or scrub your armpits really clean. With these soap sacks, you can. You may never need a washcloth again. Unlike those nylon net scrubbers, Soap Sacks last for years!


These are hand-crocheted by owner/partner, Melissa Gibbs, with a hemp and cotton blend. The sacks come in various colors according to her whimsy. They make any bar gently exfoliating. Collect your soap ends in the sack, too.

Everybody Wants One

Since a pouch becomes your personal washcloth, everyone will want his or her own. They measure roughly 4 1/2" wide by 6 inches high.


herbaria uses green tea in its all natural handmade soaps

“I’ve used the same one for 6 years. I love it.”

Ken Gilberg, St. Louis, MO

“I feel scrubbed clean and invigorated after a shower with your soap sacks. Love 'em.”

Sally Miller, Ithica, NY