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Mojito Soap

4.5 oz

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A Cuban walks into a bar. Of soap!

You'll race to the shower to bathe with Mojito soap. Named after the refreshing rum cocktail of spearmint and lime juice, this non-alcoholic bar will clean and invigorate you and your skin.

Thanks to Blake, our soapmaker, for its creation. The scent comes from lime and spearmint essential oils perfectly balanced for a bracing summer treat.

The moisturizer in Mojito is luxurious unrefined shea butter. French green clay combines with ground parsley to provide the bright green color and adds an extra creaminess to the lather.

mojito cocktail

“This is a perfect bar for summer refreshment.”

Pat Haas, St. Louis, MO

“Your newest bar always becomes my favorite. You guys really hit the high mark on this scent.”

Jane Cohen, San Francisco, CA


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