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Shiraz Soap

8 oz
extra-large bar

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Oenophile's delight

"Searched the internet. Looked at over 50 sites and then eliminated them until I decided on this site. Appears that you have a great product compared to other Web sites. That is why I chose your product."

William Stadnik, Blandon, PA

Ask a wine lover what’s more important, the aroma or the taste? Likely, they will say it’s all in the nose. We’ve created the complex bouquet of Shiraz with essential oils, with notes of berries, chocolate, pepper, tobacco, cedar, plum, cherry, mint, and spice. No alcohol here, so you won’t get tipsy or smell like a wino. The bar has a clean, floral, and fresh aroma reminiscent of sandalwood.

Shiraz soap is kind to your skin like all of our bars. Grapeseed oil is the extra emollient to moisturize your skin. The rich purple comes naturally from alkanet root.

The extra-large, almost double-sized bar, is available with or without a hemp cord. 

Special thanks for guidance by Advanced Sommelier Steven Gitto.  



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