Unusually delightful gift

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Cutie Bundle

11 mini-bars, .8 oz each, 8.8 oz total

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Unusually delightful gift

“I have tried nearly every brand out there and none of them measure up to the quality of Herbaria soaps!”

Linda Gaines

Get all eleven Cuties in one bundle of joy. These are our best-selling varieties in a mini-bar size, perfect for sampling. Each variety is individually labeled with its ingredients. 


Individual Cuties weigh approximately .8oz each.

Herbaria all natural handmade soap

“Very happy return customer ... I have converted three sisters and a daughter-in-law to your wonderful soaps.”

Nancy Bennett, Martinsville, IN

“Your soap came in the mail Wednesday. I had my first shower that night, and I fell in love with this soap. I feel so clean and soft when I get out of the bath. And I don't walk around in a cloud of perfume all day. I just have a clean smell. That is just what I wanted. Thank you for having such a special product.”

Wanda J. Koerner, Alum Bridge, WV

All Cuties Contain

CutiesSelect individual Cuties here.

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