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We are proud of the minimalist packaging of our soaps. A simple half-sheet of recycled paper to unwrap as you step into the shower. There are times, however, that you will want to take a bar with you on your travels. Heaven forbid you should have to use hotel soap! You may also want to store one of our special use bars such as Soapys Choice dog shampoo. We have designed these plastic cases to allow a bar to dry out between uses. Made in Nebraska.
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These handcrafted ceramic soap dishes catch a wet bar on the fly, extend its life, and keep sinks tidy. The soap will air dry and stay firm. "They're functional as well as attractive," says Ken Gilberg, the artist. "So many quasi-soap dishes hold a bar in a goopy puddle."

Friend of Herbaria and local artist, James McKenzie, has graced our store with his custom carved wooden soap dishes.  James uses a digital router to carve each piece to exacting specifications.  The end result is a beautiful piece worthy to hold something as good as our soap. He is offering oak and cherry wood, with or without a ledge to drain into your sink.  They are finished with a food grade mineral oil. This is the same finish you would find on a butcher block or cutting board.  The soap dishes are 4.25" in width (front face) by 3.25" in depth and 2" tall.  The dishes with a ledge are 2" on the front face and stand 1.5" tall elsewhere.
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